Theatergoers! You who are about to engage in trying to get tickets, we salute you! The annual gauntlet begins. Strap on your armor. Load your Nerf pistols to have duels at ten paces. Shakespeare returns to the park, with all the plots, pageantry, and participatory predicaments (such as, say, getting into the show) you have come to expect. It is worth every bit of effort, however, as there’s no experience quite like watching plays under the open sky. Get ready to try for tickets to “The Tempest”, the first of this year’s Shakespeare in the Park offerings in Central Park starting May 27!

The Tempest 1

The Play’s the Thing

Shakespeare in the Park is a quintessential New York event. From May 27 through July 5, you can catch the creative and fantastical masterpiece that has won hearts for centuries. The magician Prospero has been exiled on a remote island for more than a decade, along with his daughter Miranda. He has bound the spirit Ariel to his service, and intends to exact revenge upon his traitorous brother. Not everything goes as Prospero plans, however, and the resulting story is filled with magic, redemption, and newfound love.

“The Tempest” is one of Shakespeare’s most beloved works. It’s perfect for watching outdoors, and this show is set to be spectacular! It’s directed by Tony Award nominee Michael Greif (who’s done “Romeo and Juliet”, and “If/Then”). Stars include Sam Waterston, best known for “Law and Order” and “The Newsroom”.

The Tempest 2

Getting Tickets

There’s four ways to get tickets to see “The Tempest”, so be sure you check out all your options! This year, they’re offering three forms of free distribution. Want to skip the line? Support free Shakespeare and get reserved seats.

The Tempest 3

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