For plenty of people across the country, this weekend is a long one, since Memorial Day happens on Monday. That makes it a perfect weekend to indulge your patriotism in the memory of the men and women who died for our country. Why not take time over these three days to celebrate America and her brave defenders? Catch a Seastreak ferry over to Atlantic Highlands, NJ to visit the AJ Dillon Art Gallery (54 First Avenue)! They’re hosting the “Stars and Stripes Forever” exhibit starting this weekend, and running through July 4.

Stars and Stripes Forever Exhibit 1

New Depictions of Old Glory

The American flag is an iconic symbol of freedom, pride, and the spirit of independence. Its distinctive stars and stripes pattern is recognized around the world, but it’s especially beloved when flown from homes and businesses around our country. But it’s more than just an emblem of our nation and its history. The American flag is art unto itsel

AJ Dillon Art Gallery is proud to display Old Glory as the beautiful, colorful masterpiece it is with this patriotic exhibition. Local artists have submitted works to the gallery for showing and even sale during this limited time event. See a host of different interpretations of the Stars and Stripes, viewed through the talents of the area’s brightest.

Stars and Stripes Forever Exhibit 2

Stars and Stripes Forever – Or Until July

Atlantic Highlands is a terrific place to spend a holiday weekend. You’ll find great restaurants, fun little shops, and an abundance of charm in this New Jersey community. If you haven’t visited Atlantic Highlands before, treat yourself to a day, or a weekend, of relaxation!

Seastreak remembers the sacrifices of the men and women who gave their lives for our freedom. Thank you to every veteran and service member for your dedication to our country!


Sea you soon!

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