Top 10 Reasons to Go to a Baseball Game

  May 22, 2013  //  The Hot List

It’s baseball season again! Baseball games are one of the most beloved excursions on the East Coast, and with good reason! We’re home to two of the best teams in the country, the Mets and the Yankees. There’s no reason NOT to go to a baseball game this spring, but if you still need some…

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New York State Trivia

  May 18, 2013  //  Sunday Funday

New York is a state with a rich history, a broad culture, and a surprising amount of wineries. Find out some more interesting facts about the state below! New York, the country’s third-largest wine-producing state, has more than 250 wineries growing over 35 varieties of grapes. 1.62 billion people rode the New York City Subway…

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Things with Wings

  May 17, 2013  //  Kids

While we’re fighting off the chills of winter, there is one place that has been warm (and very humid) through the cold. Within the walls of the American Museum of Natural History is a foggy room filled with fluttering wings, the colors of rare jewels, from all over the world. We’re talking about the butterflies…

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Return of the Atlantic Highlands Farmer’s Market

  May 16, 2013  //  Visiting New Jersey

When the winter chill subsides, there is one warm weather activity that we always wait for in Atlantic Highlands, the Farmer’s Market!  There is no better way to spend a Friday afternoon than taking a stroll through the Farmer’s Market, and picking up some farm fresh goodies! In addition to the fruits and vegetables, the…

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Cirque du Soleil

  May 15, 2013  //  New York

Understanding the universe from its inception to the present day may seem like a daunting task, but if you act now you can understand the origin of the human species in a matter of a few mystifying hours in Cirque du Soleil’s production of Totem. Totem takes its audience from the early amphibious state of…

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Sandy Hook Re-Opens

  May 14, 2013  //  Sea Talk

This fall the tri-state area was crippled by the superstorm known as Sandy. Businesses were closed, homes were destroyed, and many lives were changed. The famous Jersey Shore was deeply affected, but residents and business owners promised to rebuild. While we are still working on achieving our former glory, we must not forget that it…

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Seastreak Spring Activities

  May 13, 2013  //  The Hot List

Spring in the NYC Area Spring has officially started, and now it’s time to get out from underneath all of those blankets, and explore the great outdoors! If you don’t know where to go or need some new ideas for the fair weather, follow our lead. Spring is very well-known for one thing, flowers! The…

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April is National Humor Month

  April 9, 2013  //  Seastreak News

Not only is April 1st the one day of the year when pranks are more commonplace than ever, but April is also National Humor Month. We’ve got some of the best ideas to help you celebrate this month the way it was meant to be celebrated, through lots and lots of laughter.   New York…

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