New York is a state with a rich history, a broad culture, and a surprising amount of wineries. Find out some more interesting facts about the state below!

  • New York, the country’s third-largest wine-producing state, has more than 250 wineries growing over 35 varieties of grapes.
  • 1.62 billion people rode the New York City Subway in 2008.
  • In 2005 there were 1.2 million visitors to New York City from the United Kingdom, followed by 815,000 from Canada, and 401,000 from Germany.
  • Joseph C. Gayetty of New York City invented toilet paper in 1857.
  • Niagara Reservation became the first state park in the United States.
  • New York was the first state to require license plates on cars.
  • The English conquered the city from the Dutch in 1664, and “New Amsterdam” became “New York.”
  • 36% of the current population of New York City was born outside the United States.
  • Since 2005, New York City has the lowest crime rate of the 25 largest US cities, and one of the safest cities in the US overall.
  • The state mammal is the beaver, the state bird is the eastern bluebird, and the state fruit is, of course, the iconic apple.

So next time you take Seastreak into the city, or for one of our great scenic tours up the Hudson River, take a minute to marvel at this great state and it’s unique history.

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