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Seastreak Vessel Repowers

  May 19, 2017  //  Seastreak News

Seastreak is eagerly awaiting the return of the Seastreak New York after spending the winter and spring in Louisiana undergoing a comprehensive retrofit to upgrade the vessel with new engines and equipment.  The finishing touches are being made to convert the vessel from four engines to two as well as updating the interior with new…

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Sample Sales

  March 13, 2014  //  Seastreak News

How much do you like shopping? We bet a lot! But we bet you like saving a dollar or two even more. New York City is the land of sample sales all year long, but we think these upcoming events are a cause for celebration. Jack Rogers Notorious for those perfect summer sandals with stitching,…

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Magnolia Bakery

  February 3, 2014  //  Seastreak News

Magnolia Bakery In a city that can feel cold and impersonal thanks to all the concrete, New Yorkers know where to head when they want a taste of home – Magnolia Bakery. Since it’s opening in 1996 in the West Village, the family owned bakery chain has expanded to 5 stores around Manhattan in addition…

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Color Me Mine Pottery Studio For Kids

  January 28, 2014  //  Seastreak News

New York is nothing if not cultural, and the kids that grow up there are surrounded by artistic outlets. So it’s only natural that the city is teeming with classes geared towards developing creativity in your little ones. Arguably the most popular spot to take budding visionaries is Color Me Mine. A national chain of…

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  January 17, 2014  //  MOMA, Seastreak News

Hanging on the west side of Manhattan, the Museum of Modern Art is an iconic destination full of white walls splashed with colorful paintings, inventions and exhibits. Consisting of over 4 floors plus an outdoor garden/seating area, MOMA keeps people coming back again and again. The top floor is home to their most timely exhibitions.…

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Chelsea Piers

  January 10, 2014  //  Seastreak News

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a day of fun under one roof with limited travel? We think so too. Chelsea Piers on Manhattan’s west side is an ideal winter destination when you don’t want to hassle schlepping all over the city for different activities. Located on the west side from the Meatpacking District all…

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Fitness Classes

  January 3, 2014  //  Fitness Classes, Fitness Classes, Seastreak News

A new year calls for new resolutions and a sudden internal determination. It’s also the time you start thinking about the buff body you want to have by summer. Cold weather forces us to workout inside, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring!  Check out these fitness classes and put some more pep…

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Self-Defense Classes

  December 31, 2013  //  Seastreak News

“I have a black belt in karate.” This statement usually garners envy and wonder, because having the ability to ward off ninjas is pretty cool. You may not be up for the years of training involved to obtain a black belt, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t learn a few practical self-defense skills. These self-defense…

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New Years Eve Parties 3

  December 24, 2013  //  Seastreak News

We’re back to give you some more ideas for where to get your groove on in our third installment of great New Years Eve Parties! Gansevoort Park Avenue A party spot in it’s own right, the Gansevoort will be magical on December 31st. With six lounges decadent in their decor and rooftop views enhanced by…

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Trapeze School

  December 17, 2013  //  Seastreak News, Trapeze School

Are you fidgety? Do you have an urge to be more adventurous? An incessant need to throw yourself all over the place? We might have found your new recreational activity – trapeze flying! No longer reserved for circus performers, you can attain high flying status at New York’s Trapeze School. With locations in Long Island…

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