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Don’t Miss Jordan Casteel’s “Visible Man” Exhibition at Sargent’s Daughters

  September 12, 2014  //  “Visible Man”

The purpose of art has many layers. On the topmost layer, it looks nice hanging on the wall, and lends its joyfulness or gravitas to the room in which it is displayed. As you dig down through the layers of art’s objective, however, you find far more than the decorative reasons. Art can challenge how…

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Our Favorite Cooking Classes in New York City

  September 11, 2013  //  Cooking Classes, Destination Guides, New York, New York City, This Weekend in

School is back in session, so why not take a class and jump start your learning?  These classes are more mouth-watering than mind-numbing.  Picking up new skills is always a good idea, especially if those skills can feed you!  Learn how to chop, flambe, grille and season at some of our favorite cooking classes in…

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Our Favorite Chocolate Shops in New York

  September 10, 2013  //  Chocolate Shops, Destination Guides, New York, New York City, This Weekend in

If you asked a group of people what their favorite sweet is, we guarantee many would vote chocolate. It’s decadent and rich. It’s unique. It’s scientifically proven to make you happier. How can you resist?   Here are a few of our favorite chocolate shops in New York.   Jacques Torres Chocolate – With locations throughout…

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Hudson River Fall Foliage Day Cruise

  September 9, 2013  //  Destination Guides, Hudson River Fall Foliage Cruises, New Jersey, New York, This Weekend in

There are few things as beautiful as the change of seasons.  At Seastreak the switch from Summer to Autumn is particularly special because of this season’s special cruises.  Every autumn we like to give our customers a chance to see the beauty of the changing leaves from the comfort of a seat on one of…

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The Best Delis in New York

  September 5, 2013  //  Destination Guides, New York, New York City, The Best Deli's in New York

Ah the delicatessen, a staple for many New Yorkers and a treat for travelers.  A delicatessen, or deli, is like a mix between a grocery store and an upscale fast food restaurant.  A mainstay of delis in the city are their delicious cured meats, and their sandwiches made to order.  They’re a popular choice for…

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Forever Tango

  July 9, 2013  //  Destination Guides, New York, New York City, The Hot List, This Weekend in

If you’re looking for a great date idea to reignite romance in your relationship, check out Luis Bravo’s Forever Tango at the Walter Kerr Theater on Broadway.  This exciting show highlights the history of an exotic and intricate dance, and weaves in a mix of music, choreography and dramatic vignettes. With an all Argentine cast…

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  July 1, 2013  //  Destination Guides, New York, New York City, This Weekend in

Any music festival lover will know that we are in the thick of concert season, a time of year when the nice weather allows for days spent under the sun watching and listening to amazing live performances. If you’re looking for some free fun this summer, go to City Parks Foundation’s Summerstage. Summerstage was founded…

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Cirque du Soleil

  May 15, 2013  //  New York

Understanding the universe from its inception to the present day may seem like a daunting task, but if you act now you can understand the origin of the human species in a matter of a few mystifying hours in Cirque du Soleil’s production of Totem. Totem takes its audience from the early amphibious state of…

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