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The History of Fort Hancock

  July 17, 2013  //  Destination Guides, Sea Talk, Visiting New Jersey

The History of Fort Hancock Positioned on the far reaches of the Sandy Hook peninsula, Fort Hancock was built in 1899, and helped protect our coast until 1974.  It was used both for navigation and defense. When the fort was built, it included the most advanced weaponry of its time, including the nation’s first steam-lift…

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Swimming Puzzle

  July 7, 2013  //  Sea Talk

Four fish friends were competing in a swimming race to see who could keep up with the Seastreak ferry.  Unfortunately, the judges got distracted and missed the results!  Luckily a school of anchovies was swimming by and remembered the following information: Only one fish had the same number of stripes as the position they finished.…

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Straight Sea Talk

  June 21, 2013  //  Sea Talk

Looking to speak like a nautical native? Here is our list of the most popular words used aboard a boat, along with their definitions. ANCHOR – A heavy weight used to secure a boat in a body of water. BAILER – Any device used in the event water needs to be emptied from a boat.…

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  May 23, 2013  //  Sea Talk, Seastreak HELPING THE ROCKAWAYS

Seastreak HELPING THE ROCKAWAYS Sandy is anything but a distant memory. As we continue to work together and repair the Shore, the entire East Coast still remembers the damage this massive superstorm caused. Along with the thousands of homes destroyed, many areas were affected including the hometowns of our ports, both in New York City…

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Sandy Hook Re-Opens

  May 14, 2013  //  Sea Talk

This fall the tri-state area was crippled by the superstorm known as Sandy. Businesses were closed, homes were destroyed, and many lives were changed. The famous Jersey Shore was deeply affected, but residents and business owners promised to rebuild. While we are still working on achieving our former glory, we must not forget that it…

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