Looking to speak like a nautical native? Here is our list of the most popular words used aboard a boat, along with their definitions.

ANCHOR – A heavy weight used to secure a boat in a body of water.

BAILER – Any device used in the event water needs to be emptied from a boat.

BOW – The front of a boat.

BUOY – Signs on the water which can show the edges of water channels, directions and hazards.

CAPACITY PLATE – A plate on a boat which shows both the maximum amount of people and weight the boat can safely carry.

CHANNEL – A portion of a waterway marked for depth, hazards and direction with buoys or markers.

CURRENT – Horizontal water movement caused by either tides, wind or normal water flow.

EDDY – A slow current which forms beyond an obstacle.

MOORED – When a boat is fastened to a pier or anchored.

PORT – When facing forward, the left side of a ship.

SHOAL – A rough buildup on the bottom of a body of water caused by wave patterns, currents or crosswinds.

SOUP – A term for fog.

STARBOARD – When facing forward, the right side of a ship.

STERN – The back of a boat.

TIDES – The rise and fall of water caused by the gravitational pull of the moon.

WAKE – A wave caused by another boat’s passage.

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