Four fish friends were competing in a swimming race to see who could keep up with the Seastreak ferry.  Unfortunately, the judges got distracted and missed the results!  Luckily a school of anchovies was swimming by and remembered the following information:

Only one fish had the same number of stripes as the position they finished. Gary, who wasn’t a green fish, beat Barry.  Larry beat the yellow fish.  The fish with 3 stripes was green.  The fish with 2 stripes finished first, whereas Harry came last. The fish who finished second was green, Barry was yellow and the red fish beat the blue fish.

Can you work out who finished where, the number and color they wore?

Although we don’t think any fish can out-swim our fleet, let us know which got the closest to victory on Facebook, send us a tweet @SeastreakFerry, or leave a comment below!

Sea you soon,

The Seastreak Family

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