The History of Fort Hancock

Positioned on the far reaches of the Sandy Hook peninsula, Fort Hancock was built in 1899, and helped protect our coast until 1974.  It was used both for navigation and defense.

When the fort was built, it included the most advanced weaponry of its time, including the nation’s first steam-lift gun battery, which had a range of seven miles.  And, because of its remote position and proximity to the coast, Sandy Hook was also used as a proving ground for testing weaponry.

While many of the weapons and structures have seen better days, the National Park Service still runs tours of Fort Hancock.  If you’re looking to learn more about America’s military history, hop on a Seastreak ferry to Sandy Hook!  But don’t forget to pack the sunscreen because Sandy Hook is also a great place to enjoy a relaxing beach day.  Had a great day at Sandy Hook?  Let us know about it via our blog by clicking in the title of this article, or via Facebook or Twitter @SeastreakFerry.  We love hearing from you!


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