Spring in the NYC Area

Spring has officially started, and now it’s time to get out from underneath all of those blankets, and explore the great outdoors! If you don’t know where to go or need some new ideas for the fair weather, follow our lead.

Spring is very well-known for one thing, flowers! The Brooklyn Botanical Garden is the place to go if you’re looking for beautiful blooms, and starting April 1, 2013 you can register for spring classes like Fruit Pickling, Tai Chi, and Cooking with Wild Foods and Weeds! Most of the classes are on the weekends, making them a fun and educational way to spend the afternoon. Learn more at http://www.bbg.org/.

It wouldn’t be spring without America’s favorite pastime, and New York boasts some of the best teams in the country. Whether you’re a Mets or Yankees fan, Seastreak has some of the best seats in the house, and on the boat. Buy your bundle package now to get tickets to the game, and transportation to and from NYC! Check out this great deal at http://www.seastreak.com/events.aspx.

Although it’s still a little cold to go sunbathing, there’s almost never a bad time to go to the beach. Why not check out Martha’s Vineyard with it’s secluded rocky beaches? Or visit the scenic shores in Sandy Hook? Now is a great time to practice any artistic pursuits. Bring your camera or your canvas, and enjoy the quiet rumble of the waves while getting in touch with your creative side.

Spring is the best season to break out of the box, and try something new. So go ahead, start that new class you’ve been wanting to, visit that place you’ve been meaning to, enjoy the great weather, and let Seastreak take you on your next adventure.

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