It’s baseball season again! Baseball games are one of the most beloved excursions on the East Coast, and with good reason! We’re home to two of the best teams in the country, the Mets and the Yankees. There’s no reason NOT to go to a baseball game this spring, but if you still need some convincing, here is our list of reasons to go to a baseball game.

1. The excitement! The radiating energy within the stadium is unmatched.

2. Baseball can help form great bonds between you and your friends and family, and even those who are strangers! Watching the game surrounded by fellow fans creates a great sense of camaraderie.

3. The food! While it may be a little more pricey than your average fare, there is nothing like enjoying a hot dog at a baseball game.

4. It’s a tradition. A love of sports is usually passed down from generation to generation, and going to the first baseball game is a rite of passage for many.

5. The foul balls. Imagine catching a foul ball hit by one of your favorite players, and owning a piece of sports history!

6. The quality time spent together is one of the best reasons to go to a baseball game. An afternoon of sitting with people you love watching a sport played by the greatest players in the world is a great way to spend the day.

7. It’s affordable! If you buy a bundle package from Seastreak, you can have some of the best seats in the house and a ride to and from the game, for less than the full price of a ticket!

8. The Yankees and the Mets are two of the greatest teams in the history of baseball, and it’s so easy to see them play live! The convenience of having them just an hour away by boat makes going to a game with Seastreak an adventure not to be missed.

9. The strategy. Baseball is a slow moving game which involves a great deal of strategy, and patience, as well as athletic prowess.

10. It’s fun! There’s really no better way to spend the day than going into the city, and catching a game.

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