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Seastreak Vessel Repowers

  May 19, 2017  //  Seastreak News

Seastreak is eagerly awaiting the return of the Seastreak New York after spending the winter and spring in Louisiana undergoing a comprehensive retrofit to upgrade the vessel with new engines and equipment.  The finishing touches are being made to convert the vessel from four engines to two as well as updating the interior with new…

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Seastreak New Year’s Eve Cruise

  December 5, 2016  //  Uncategorized

Get the Best View of the New Year’s Fireworks on Seastreak’s New Year’s Eve Fireworks Cruise Have you made plans for New Year’s Eve? If not, then save the date, because Seastreak’s hosting a party you won’t want to miss! Get the best view of New York City as the New Year takes over and…

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Seastreak Launches $24 Million Capital Program: New Commodore-Class Vessel To Deliver In 2017

  September 13, 2016  //  New Commodore-Class Vessel To Deliver In 2017

Seastreak is proud to announce that we will be raising the bar in fast passenger ferry service with the construction of a new six hundred passenger, high-speed, luxury catamaran with delivery expected late in 2017. Our newest vessel, the first in what will be known as the Commodore class, is being designed by Incat-Crowther of…

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Kids 12 and Under Ride Free With Seastreak

  December 11, 2015  //  All Kids 12 and Under Ride Free!, Seastreak Specials

You leave the city and are heading home in bumper-to-bumper traffic when the idea of taking public transportation pops into your head. Then you’re thinking about how the kids will be on the train or having to climb up the crowded Penn Station stairs with people on your heels. We’ve sat outside the Holland Tunnel…

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Light One Candle

  December 9, 2015  //  Menorah Lighting

We’ve taken a lot of time on this blog to write about Christmas. And it is a wonderful holiday, complete with family, togetherness, presents, and lots of spectacular light displays. But today we’re going to take a look at Hanukkah. Head on over to the Brooklyn Grand Army Plaza — which contains a 32’ tall,…

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No Gaffs for Gaffigan

  December 7, 2015  //  Jim Gaffigan at MSG

…or possibly all gaffs, depending on how you interpret his routine. Jim Gaffigan is just that kind of comedian. But gaffs or no, one thing is guaranteed — he’ll make you laugh. He’ll make you cry. The latter probably as a result of laughing too much, although possibly out of pity for the wreck of…

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No Rollers Involved

  December 4, 2015  //  LeFrak Center at Lakeside

…but the ice is just fine! Come on in and join us for an ice skate! New York winters have become synonymous with ice skating. The city has so many rinks that have been made famous by tv and movies, and others that are just as good (if not better) hiding in the wings, ready…

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An Enlightening Tradition

  December 3, 2015  //  Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting

Arguably, the best part of our December/Christmas tradition is the lighting of the tree. Creating lights in the darkness seems to be a common theme at this time of year — Christmas isn’t the only holiday doing it! So anyone who enjoys lights, colors, and warmth can take at least some pleasure from the beauty…

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A Paper Christmas

  December 2, 2015  //  Origami Holiday Tree

When you hear “Christmas tree” or “ornaments” at this time of year, what do you think of? Maybe strings of lights (multi-colored or white, it’s really your preference), or ropes with bells. Maybe popcorn chains or candy canes. Maybe funny little figurines that hang from the branches next to their glass bauble cousins, all underneath…

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A Story from Astoria

  November 30, 2015  //  Astoria Holiday Market

It’s time now for Part Five of our holiday shopping series. This week, we have something as diverse and varied as one could hope to find in a normal retail store, only, well, better-made. That’s right, this time we’re looking at the Astoria Holiday Market. Bringing together artists, bakers, and designers, this fun-filled event is…

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