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Recently Opened Oiji Brings Traditional Korean Cuisine to the Table

  July 2, 2015  //  Oiji

It’s always interesting to see what different countries consider local, home cooking. In Canada, for example, they’ve got the often misunderstood poutine. Americans might look sideways at the stuff, but adventurous souls discover it’s mighty tasty. The only way you can truly understand a country’s national cuisines is to eat them. Why not develop your…

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Rock Out Under the Stars with the Barenaked Ladies and Violent Femmes

  July 1, 2015  //  Last Summer on Earth 2015 Tour

Here at Seastreak, we have morals. Standards. A code of ethics by which we live, operate our business, and write posts for our blog. We want to bring you exciting, completely scandal-free information about events happening in the area. Entertainment you can be proud of posting about on your Facebook, right next to the entirely…

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Kids Can Have Hands-On Fun with Science at the Maritime Explorium in Port Jefferson

  June 30, 2015  //  Port Jefferson

Parents know, kids are always making the strangest requests. They want peanut butter and mushroom sandwiches (or some equally odd combination of ingredients on bread). They want to wear the green pants with the bright orange shirt. They want to learn about science using maritime themes. All right, you might not hear that one too…

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Get Out Your Grass Skirt and Head for Noreetuh’s Hawaiian Table

  June 29, 2015  //  Noreetuh

Aloha! The Hawaiian language is truly beautiful. Seastreak Trivia time: Hawaiian is a Polynesian language. That means, it’s in the same family of languages as Samoan, Tongan, and the legendary Maori. It includes sounds such as glottal stops, which sound strange, but you probably use one every day. Use the phrase “uh-oh”, and you’ve got…

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Turn on a Dime and Get Yourself a Meal at Dimes Restaurant’s New Location

  June 25, 2015  //  Dimes

On the whole, restaurants are pretty much a dime a dozen. Take three steps in any direction, you’ll find a place where you can feed your face. (Or you’ll find an open pothole, like in an old cartoon. Try to avoid those.) Good restaurants, though, those are harder to come by. You want a comfortable…

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Discover a Bounty of Olives, Oils, and Balsamic Vinegars at the Amazing Olive in Port Jefferson

  June 24, 2015  //  Port Jefferson

What do you think of when you hear the word “olive”? Maybe jars of green fruits with pimientos sticking out like half-hearted decorations on a Christmas ornament. Or bowls of black olives on the table at Thanksgiving. (These are more fun when some joker puts olives on all their fingers and wiggles them around.) But…

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See Tony Award-Winning Actor Christian Borle in “Something Rotten!” on Broadway

  June 19, 2015  //  New York City, Something Rotten!

Theatergoers, did you get to see “Fun Home” before this year’s Tony Awards named it Best Musical? If not, it’s booking until October! However, we know there’s some stage fans who don’t agree with the choice of winner there. Another show has a pretty dedicated following, and with good reason. One of its actors brought…

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Feel like a Big Cheese When You Visit Port Jefferson’s C’est Cheese Restaurant

  June 18, 2015  //  Port Jefferson

It’s no coincidence that, when we want someone to smile, we tell them to “say cheese”. Forget the fact that the word “cheese” makes the mouth approximate the shape of a big grin. Cheese is so incredible, it can make people beam with joy just at the mention of it. Here at Seastreak, we want…

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Taste Craft Beers at the Zoo at Lions Tigers and Brews

  June 17, 2015  //  Lions Tigers and Brews, Things to Do

If you’ve ever been to a favorite watering hole on a weekend, or during a particularly excellent happy hour, you know places like that can turn into a real zoo. Look closely enough, you can even see examples of all the different animals. Some ape beating his chest, a proud lion roaring to show off,…

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The Cars are the Stars at the Atlantic Highlands Car Show

  June 16, 2015  //  Atlantic Highlands Car Show

We’re appreciative of many mechanical inventions. Planes are terrific. We can get from the East Coast to the West Coast in a matter of hours. And who doesn’t love the refrigerator? Mm, cold sodas and leftovers. No one has rhapsodized the refrigerator in songs, though, or made movies about the romance of it. Arguably our…

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