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Before the Valley, There was the City

  November 13, 2015  //  Silicon City Exhibition

Today, the name Silicon Valley is synonymous with computers, the internet, and technology in general. But did you know that, before Silicon Valley became the place for young tech entrepreneurs to head, New York was a center of technological progress? It’s true, and the New York Historical Society is holding an exhibition on the topic…

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These Sites are a Sight

  October 7, 2015  //  Open House New York

New York may be full of sights, but for most of the year there are many that cannot be seen. Sure, off-limits areas and buildings have their own delightful appeal, but sadly it’s one that cannot easily be satisfied. On October 17th and 18th, though, you will have a chance to go behind-the-scenes of the…

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Taste Craft Beers at the Zoo at Lions Tigers and Brews

  June 17, 2015  //  Lions Tigers and Brews, Things to Do

If you’ve ever been to a favorite watering hole on a weekend, or during a particularly excellent happy hour, you know places like that can turn into a real zoo. Look closely enough, you can even see examples of all the different animals. Some ape beating his chest, a proud lion roaring to show off,…

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Outwit the Undead When You’re Trapped in a Room with a Zombie

  January 29, 2015  //  Trapped in a Room with a Zombie

Ask any corporate worker about their office meetings, and you’ll hear just how much fun it is to end up locked in a room with people who want to eat your brains. It’s a time-honored part of office culture to gather in a conference room and try to figure out how to escape before your…

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Year-Round Scares Abound at Times Scare

  October 24, 2014  //  Times Scare

Looking for a frightfully good time? Scares are in the air this season, with just a handful of weekends left until Christmas! Oh, and if that’s not terrifying enough, Halloween’s almost here, too. You don’t have to wait for the most ghoulish of holidays to enjoy one of New York’s most haunted attractions. Times Scare,…

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Halloween Horrors Await at Blood Manor

  October 6, 2014  //  Blood Manor

There will be blood! Halloween’s lurking around the corner with hooded robe and scythe, just waiting for the unwary to wander by, and that means haunted houses are back! Fearless souls will definitely want to brave the horrors of Blood Manor, one of the longest-running haunted houses in New York! It’s at 163 Varick Street,…

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See New York from a Whole New Angle with a Helicopter Tour

  August 20, 2014  //  Helicopter Tours, New York City, Things to Do, Tours

There’s a lot of ways to see New York. We might be biased, but we like the view from the East River and Pier 11, where you can see the city waiting for you. For a whole different way to see New York, you need to get off the ground! Both first-time visitors to the…

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Accomplice The Show

  July 17, 2014  //  Accomplice: The Show

There’s a mystery afoot in New York. Your phone rings, and an unfamiliar voice tells you where the adventure begins.  Only you and your party can decipher the clues and solve puzzles which hide across neighborhoods and businesses in the city. At Accomplice The Show, you’re both the star and the audience in an experience…

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New York on Air: Visiting The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

  June 3, 2014  //  New York City, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

You’ve probably seen, or at least heard of, Jimmy Fallon. An extremely talented comedian, Jimmy hosts The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. You may have watched countless episodes and shared the laughs with Jimmy and his guests, but did you know that you can actually be a part of the fun? Heeere’s Jimmy! Over the…

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Sleep No More

  February 18, 2014  //  Sleep No More

We really wish we could tell you what Sleep No More is about or give a sweet, concise summary, but this isn’t just a play – it’s a personalized immersive experience that you’ll just have to experience for yourself.  Wearing a mask and walking without a sound, you’ll wander the restored McKittrick Hotel, watching and…

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