New York may be full of sights, but for most of the year there are many that cannot be seen. Sure, off-limits areas and buildings have their own delightful appeal, but sadly it’s one that cannot easily be satisfied. On October 17th and 18th, though, you will have a chance to go behind-the-scenes of the city with Open House New York! Let’s just give a small sample of the places you can tour.

TWA Flight Center
Designed by architect Eero Sarrinen, this Jet Age terminal is one of the most popular OHNY sites. Not only is it spectacular to behold, but it may be one of your last chances to see it in its original form: there are plans in the works that could turn it into a hotel! Anyone who’s into flight or architecture will love this stop.
Open House NY 1
Jefferson Market Library
A book lover’s dream come true! Originally constructed as a courthouse when it was erected in 1877, this Victorian Gothic building was turned into a library in 1967. Among the various features this quirky old building has to offer is the firewatcher’s balcony, which is located up a flight of 149 spiraling stone steps. From here, you can gaze out over a beautiful 360 degree view of Greenwich Village. Between the view and the books, this building lets both your heart and your mind soar!
Open House NY 2
The Morton Loft
If you have a craving for the futuristic, look no further than this parking-structure-turned-condo. This building’s main feature lies on its fourth floor. Or rather, it hangs there — an old petroleum trailer tank has been sliced in two and turned into bedrooms and bathrooms suspended above a 1,500 sq. ft. apartment. The price tag to actually live there may be a bit steep, but during OHNY you get a chance to visit and soak in that Future. Yum!
Open House NY 3
Many of OHNY’s programs are open to all comers, but some require reservations, so you may want to hop on the site as soon as you can to start perusing where you would like to go. And with all the places you’ll be seeing, it would really be a shame if the one you spent the most time in was your car. Come with us on Seastreak and be whisked across the bay and back in record time and superlative comfort. Just because our house is open all year ‘round doesn’t mean it’s any less special!

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