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Flex those Foody Feet

  September 15, 2015  //  Food On Foot

Ah, fabulous food. There’s really nothing quite like it. Even besides the whole “we need it to live” thing, there’s something magical about the way fantastic food can bond us together. Something in that shared experience that just makes us want to celebrate life in all its glory. The downside, of course, is that we…

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No, Not the Movie Star

  September 10, 2015  //  Rockefeller Center

In the mood for something majestic to counter (or, perhaps, celebrate) the back-to-school blues? Well perk up — majestic is one thing New York has in spades! And perhaps one of the most elaborate, majestic, and awe-inspiring things New York has to offer is (of course) Dwayne Johnson. Err, wait, no. I mean the Rock…

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Nautical Adventures Await with Manhattan by Sail

  August 28, 2014  //  Manhattan by Sail

The Seastreak Family loves our customers, but we’re not the jealous type. Sailing on the rivers of New York, and through the beautiful bay, is too enjoyable and full of exciting sights to experience just one way! This time of year brings the perfect weather to go for a sail, and Manhattan by Sail offers…

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See New York from a Whole New Angle with a Helicopter Tour

  August 20, 2014  //  Helicopter Tours, New York City, Things to Do, Tours

There’s a lot of ways to see New York. We might be biased, but we like the view from the East River and Pier 11, where you can see the city waiting for you. For a whole different way to see New York, you need to get off the ground! Both first-time visitors to the…

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Wall Street Walks

  August 5, 2014  //  Wall Street Walks

Charging Down Wall Street On Wall Street, you’ll find plenty of bull – and we’re not just talking about stock tips. We’re talking about seven thousand pounds of bronze sculpted into an icon to represent the American spirit of financial prosperity and optimism. That’s a lot of bull. You can see this one-of-a-kind statue, as…

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Experience New York Like a Native with City Food Tours

  June 24, 2014  //  Experience New York Like a Native with City Food Tours, New York City

Want to experience city life as a New Yorker for a day? How about a tour that treats you like a native, but includes the best parts of being a tourist? Now you can learn all about the rich history that New York has to offer and taste the food that the natives enjoy. City…

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Get Up and Ride Bike Tours

  April 7, 2014  //  Get Up and Ride Bike Tours

Brooklyn waterfront neighborhoods are some of the most beautiful in New York City. Get Up and Ride offers bike tours of Brooklyn that touch on the history, food and beauty from a local’s perspective. The large borough offers a lot in the way of brunch, pastries and scenery. All you have to do is show…

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On Location New York Bus Tour

  November 12, 2013  //  On Location New York Bus Tour

Think you know Manhattan? Think again! Highlighting everything from filming locations to celebrity hotspots, an On Location New York Bus Tour will make even the most jaded New Yorker go ooh and ahh! We think they’d be particularly awesome for friends or family from out-of-town! TMZ Tour NYC Can’t get enough of your favorite celebrity?…

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NBC Studio Tour

  November 1, 2013  //  NBC Studio Tour

Ever dream of brushing shoulders with TV’s finest? Have a hankering to moonlight as a weatherman? Want to see the stage real comedians perform on? Then take a studio tour! Sure to please all curious kids and adults alike, seeing where the TV magic happens is, well, magic! The tour to trump all others is…

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Haunted New York Walking Tours

  October 21, 2013  //  Haunted New York Walking Tours

When you think of haunted mansions, poltergeists, restless spirits and general scaries, what places come to mind? For most, it’s probably the old New England towns up north because it seems that almost all horror movies take place in these unassuming, picturesque towns. You would never imagine ghosts being in a bustling city, right? Well…

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