Want to experience city life as a New Yorker for a day? How about a tour that treats you like a native, but includes the best parts of being a tourist? Now you can learn all about the rich history that New York has to offer and taste the food that the natives enjoy.

City Food Tours of New York City offers their Flavors of New York tour that will have the whole family belly deep in the history of the East Village. Grab your tickets here and check out other food tours that City Food Tours has to offer.

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The Flavor Never Ends!

As you taste your way through 7 different stops, you will learn about the historically Dutch population that formed New Amsterdam. Taste foods from Ukraine, try authentic deli meats and Rye bread, and get an opportunity to wash it all down with an Egg Cream! Of course, no stop in New York is complete without a slice of authentic New York style pizza or a hotdog! Taste how sweet New York can be with a stop for locally made ice cream and warm, soft cookies.

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Not Only About Food

Every part of New York has its own history, rich in amazing stories of immigrants building the American Dream. When the boats arrived they brought not just people, but a diverse culture that continues to thrive. How they prepare their food, how they dressed, and even the New York vernacular have all contributed to forming this great country. From one street to another you can experience a completely different culture, hearing tales that come from the homeland!

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Bon Voyage!

Start your voyage to experiencing the rich heritage of New York like many who have gone before you: by sea! All aboard the Seastreak!

Sea you Soon,

The Seastreak Family


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