Ah, fabulous food. There’s really nothing quite like it. Even besides the whole “we need it to live” thing, there’s something magical about the way fantastic food can bond us together. Something in that shared experience that just makes us want to celebrate life in all its glory. The downside, of course, is that we tend to keep eating, once we’ve started. And then we can end up eating more than we meant to, and this leads to guilt and trips to the gym.

Foods on Feet
Lucky for you, we’ve found a way to get your food fix and walk all in one go! So you don’t have to worry about feeling guilty afterwards. Food on Foot Tours gives you an authentic New York experience, eating like the people who really live in NYC do, and not like a tourist, and they give it to you for a reasonable price and with ease.
Food on Foot 1
All by Myself

There are two ways you can take these felicitous food tours, and the first is as a self-guided tour. You can pay just one blanket price for you and your entire group or family to be given a map of all the local culinary hot spots, a map which will show you where real New Yorkers have their food fun. There are even numerous types of tours you can order, such as the Bagels and Bakeries, Ice Cream, You Scream, and Varied Vegetarian Experiences. Truly, a great option that you can do whenever you want to, and on your own time.
Food on Foot 2
A Little Guidance, Please!

If you’re more in the mood to be guided through things, though, there’s always the option of doing a guided tour. These tours have a per-person cost, and feature such tantalizing options as All Beef Brooklyn and East Village Block Party. If you really want the full experience of being guided through New York’s vast culinary landscape, this is the way to go!
Food on Foot 3
We spend a lot of time on activities that are in some way productive — sometimes it’s nice to take a break and just eat some fine foods. It’ll help you be culturally more sophisticated, it’ll help you get to know New York, and it’s just plain fun. And to ease those tired legs, hop a ride on Seastreak! You won’t have to worry about any excess walking once you’re done with the experience.

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