Today, the name Silicon Valley is synonymous with computers, the internet, and technology in general. But did you know that, before Silicon Valley became the place for young tech entrepreneurs to head, New York was a center of technological progress? It’s true, and the New York Historical Society is holding an exhibition on the topic — Silicon City: Computer History Made in New York.
Silicon City 1
A Digital Journey
The exhibit starts with a look at the famous “egg” — a technological marvel housed at the 1964 World’s Fair — and goes on from there. It uses everything from interactive displays, to oral histories, to early computers… some early satellites are even brought into the picture! There’s enough here to make sure that not just New Yorkers, but also inhabitants of the whole area, take pride in the innovations of their parents and grandparents.
Silicon City 2
The World’s Fair
As I mentioned, the exhibit starts with “the egg” — a pavilion at the World’s Fair of 1964 which showcased computing for the general public. At this point, computing was fairly new, so for most people this was their introduction to the concept. Arguably, this marked the commencement of the digital age.

For a full year, 500 visitors would ride up the “people wall” every 15 minutes to see the exhibit inside. A great portion of the exhibit, including the architecture, the design, the signage, and even the featured multimedia exhibition, THINK, was designed by Eero Saarinen, a prominent architect and designer at the time.
Silicon City 3
While it may not be the World’s Fair, there are so many things to see at this exhibition. Satellites, IBM computers from 1981, AT&T’s Picturephone 2 (the earliest example of the type of tech that now powers FaceTime), and even a working 1978 Space Invaders Arcade Game. If for no other reason, you should come for that! And make sure to come over on the Seastreak! We can get you there with the most advanced piloting and most innovative luxury. Haven’t heard of “innovative luxury” before? Well it’s about time you had the pleasure of learning what it is.

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