Looking for a frightfully good time? Scares are in the air this season, with just a handful of weekends left until Christmas! Oh, and if that’s not terrifying enough, Halloween’s almost here, too. You don’t have to wait for the most ghoulish of holidays to enjoy one of New York’s most haunted attractions. Times Scare, at 669 8th Avenue, offers up haunted house fun all year round!

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A Haunted Haven in New York

Times Scare is New York City’s only year-round haunted house, but they really ramp it up for Halloween. They’ve made one of our nation’s most haunted buildings into a macabre scare fair, filling it with creepy custom designs and chilling, macabre décor. Not that the place needed much help. Back in the 20s, a crematorium operated here, and if you listen, you can still hear the whispers of the departed…or the screams from The Haunt, Times Scare’s haunted house.

Times Scare 2

There’s more to see than just the 20-minute stroll through your nightmares. Times Scare features the Kill Bar, where you can down some liquid courage or calm your nerves after you’ve gone through The Haunt. You’ll find your favorite cocktails available, as well as some special concoctions unique to Times Scare. Try Ernest Hemingway’s “Death in the Afternoon” cocktail, or the Dracula’s Kiss. Or meet the infamous Green Fairy with a glass of absinthe!

Have a Night Out With the Ghouls

Times Scare features unique shows you won’t find anywhere else. Goon River presents stories and tales told in complete darkness, leaving the details to your imagination. Face Off! Improv will leave you laughing out loud. If you’d rather be in a show, warm up your voice and sing your heart out at Skaryoke!

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