There’s a mystery afoot in New York. Your phone rings, and an unfamiliar voice tells you where the adventure begins.  Only you and your party can decipher the clues and solve puzzles which hide across neighborhoods and businesses in the city. At Accomplice The Show, you’re both the star and the audience in an experience like no other!

Accomplice: The Show

Accomplice has intriguing adventures for ten in both Downtown New York City, and in Greenwich Village. These excursions have elements of scavenger hunts, cafe crawls, city tours, and theater performances, as participants are guided around in an interactive story. In a city full of colorful characters, you’ll wonder if the people you see as you follow the trail of clues are part of the production, or just bystanders unaware of your mission.

The Accomplice experience lasts about three hours. Groups of 10 or 11 start up about every half hour. You and a group of friends or family can all buy tickets to go as a group, but you don’t need to gather up your own party to participate. Buy one ticket and join up with other sleuths for a unique hunt.

Accomplice: The Show 2

Book your tickets in advance of the day you’d like to attend! You’ll get a call the day before telling you where your mystery tour starts. If you’d prefer, the Accomplice team will gladly e-mail you the information instead. Children between 10 and 15 years of age should be accompanied by guardians, but are welcome in the show. Light rain won’t cancel a show, but severely inclement weather will. In case of a rain out, you’ll be offered the chance to reschedule, or receive a refund.

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