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Kids Can Have Hands-On Fun with Science at the Maritime Explorium in Port Jefferson

  June 30, 2015  //  Port Jefferson

Parents know, kids are always making the strangest requests. They want peanut butter and mushroom sandwiches (or some equally odd combination of ingredients on bread). They want to wear the green pants with the bright orange shirt. They want to learn about science using maritime themes. All right, you might not hear that one too…

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Discover a Bounty of Olives, Oils, and Balsamic Vinegars at the Amazing Olive in Port Jefferson

  June 24, 2015  //  Port Jefferson

What do you think of when you hear the word “olive”? Maybe jars of green fruits with pimientos sticking out like half-hearted decorations on a Christmas ornament. Or bowls of black olives on the table at Thanksgiving. (These are more fun when some joker puts olives on all their fingers and wiggles them around.) But…

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Feel like a Big Cheese When You Visit Port Jefferson’s C’est Cheese Restaurant

  June 18, 2015  //  Port Jefferson

It’s no coincidence that, when we want someone to smile, we tell them to “say cheese”. Forget the fact that the word “cheese” makes the mouth approximate the shape of a big grin. Cheese is so incredible, it can make people beam with joy just at the mention of it. Here at Seastreak, we want…

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Seafood is Calling Your Name from the Steam Room Restaurant in Port Jefferson

  June 11, 2015  //  Port Jefferson

No one would blame you if you longed for Long Island. It’s a gorgeous place with its own unique charisma that makes it a hot destination. Even though Long Island is just a couple hours away, it feels a little like getting away to a whole different place. If you’ve been looking for an excuse…

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See the Future of Science and Engineering at the Long Island Maker Festival

  June 5, 2015  //  Port Jefferson

Did you get a chance to check out the World Science Festival? Maybe what you saw inspired you. Or maybe, you didn’t get to indulge your craving for science and engineering. There’s another opportunity to have a look at the possible futures of technology, science, and art. Better yet, you can do it in scenic…

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