Parents know, kids are always making the strangest requests. They want peanut butter and mushroom sandwiches (or some equally odd combination of ingredients on bread). They want to wear the green pants with the bright orange shirt. They want to learn about science using maritime themes. All right, you might not hear that one too often, but you ought to! Kids can have a fantastic time getting some hands-on science experience, and a nautical theme makes it twice as much fun. Find out for yourself at the Maritime Explorium! It’s at 101 East Broadway in Port Jefferson, Long Island!

Maritime Explorium 1

Over the Bounding Main
There’s something about the sea and ships that immediately engages a kid’s imagination. The folks at the Maritime Explorium know this, and they leverage it to tremendous effect at this unique, family museum. Children absorb information best by making and creating, because doing something imparts knowledge in a way explanations can’t.

Maritime Explorium 2

Kids can take part in working science exhibits meant to teach them about how the world around them works. Create a working circuit to turn on the lights in the lighthouse exhibit! Engineer a switch for turning the lights off and on. Learn about different means of communication, and message a friend using an old fashioned pulley system.

History, Science, and Fun
The Maritime Explorium might be meant for kids from two to twelve, but everyone is welcome to explore this exciting, interactive museum. When you visit Long Island, it’s a wonderful way to engage kids in activities that will entertain them while teaching them a little something, too.

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