It’s no coincidence that, when we want someone to smile, we tell them to “say cheese”. Forget the fact that the word “cheese” makes the mouth approximate the shape of a big grin. Cheese is so incredible, it can make people beam with joy just at the mention of it. Here at Seastreak, we want to make our customers happy, so take advantage of our seasonal service to Port Jefferson, Long Island and… Say cheese! Or in this case, C’est Cheese. A world of cheesy delights awaits you at 216B Main Street.

C'est Cheese 1

Smiles for Miles

We’re used to bricks of tasty, aged cheddar in the grocery store. (Or individually wrapped slices of processed cheese stacked in our refrigerator doors.) There’s far more to the world of cheese than even red wax-covered rounds can convey. C’est Cheese is your tour guide through this delicious wonderland.

C'est Cheese 2

The menu here focuses on allowing their guests to experience cheese in all its glory. Their daily specials include varying cheese-centered quiches, soups, and of course, mac and cheese. Or order one of their fresh sandwiches and salads designed to bring the unique flavors of cheese to the fore. You’ve never had a grilled cheese sandwich like the feats of fromage available here.

C'est Cheese 3

Wine and Cheese

C’est Cheese has a delightful array of boutique wines to pair with their variety of cheeses. You can also enjoy craft beers with your cheese. For those who’d just like to wallow in the cheese experience, cheese plates are available. Choose for yourself, or let the knowledgeable staff curate a plate for you! Then choose a round of cheese to take home with you for enjoying all through the week.

When you’re looking for the most luxurious ferry ride you can find, just say Seastreak! We’ll bring a smile to your face as we take you to Manhattan, Long Island, New Jersey, and more.

Sea you soon!

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