No one would blame you if you longed for Long Island. It’s a gorgeous place with its own unique charisma that makes it a hot destination. Even though Long Island is just a couple hours away, it feels a little like getting away to a whole different place. If you’ve been looking for an excuse to plan a getaway, Seastreak’s seasonal service to Port Jefferson has what you’re looking for! While you’re there, feast on delicious fresh seafood at the Steam Room Restaurant! You’ll find it at 4 East Broadway.

Steam Room Restaurant 1

Upper Crust-acean

The Steam Room has been a fixture of scenic Port Jefferson for more than 35 years. That means, they know a thing or two about coaxing the best flavors out of the odd critters fishermen pull out of the sea. Sure, it’s pretty hard to mess up a lobster, but it takes real skill to make something that looks like an alien in a suit of red armor taste as good as they do.

It’s hard to say “no” to a succulent crustacean, steamed and still warm, next to a dish of drawn butter. Sandwich lovers must consider the soft shell crab on a bun. No sandwich looks more awesome than this one, guaranteed.

Steam Room Restaurant 2

Clamming It Up

Go raw with a plate of littleneck clams or oysters on the half-shell. (Shellfish power!) Or ask them to show you their mussels with a whole pound of delicious shellfish with butter and lemon. With this variety of fried, steamed, or sandwiched seafood, you’ll have a hard time deciding what to order first. The only answer is to go back a few times to find your favorite.

Steam Room Restaurant 3

Seastreak’s boarding the ferry to summer fun all through September! Hit Port Jefferson, Southampton, Sag Harbor and more with our Sea Jitney service. Bring on the good times with Seastreak!


Sea you soon!

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