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Malefic Merchants

  October 30, 2015  //  Merchant's House Museum

Looking for a spooky spot to call your haunt for the week? Check out the Merchant’s House Museum. Located at 29 East Fourth St., this building is not technically about anything Halloween-y. However, it has been called “Manhattan’s Most Haunted House” by the New York Times, and that makes it worth a visit as we…

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Merchant’s House Museum

  July 21, 2014  //  Merchant's House Museum

Get a Glimpse of New York’s Past at the Merchant’s House Museum Life has changed dramatically in the past 100 years. Where today’s New York City is a sprawling, bustling metropolis filled with modern wonders, the area looked far different just a short century ago. See how New Yorkers lived in the early part of…

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