Do you have restrictions on baggage?

Two small/medium sized pieces of luggage are permitted per passenger. All luggage must be carried to the second deck. No luggage will be allowed in the main cabin. Luggage cannot be left un-attended at the terminal or on the pier. Combustible materials cannot be brought on board. We do reserve the right to screen all passenger baggage.

Can we bring pets onboard for the trip to Martha’s Vineyard?

We love our pets and we’re glad you do too! We welcome pets onboard most of our trips.

For passengers traveling from New Bedford to Martha’s Vineyard: Yes, we do welcome dogs aboard our vessels traveling from New Bedford to Martha’s Vineyard. All dogs must be leashed at all times in and around the terminal and while on board. We do also ask that dogs not be permitted to ride on the seats while on board. The Captains reserve the right to deny boarding to any dog if he/she feels that there would be a threat to other passengers. Please remember to clean up after your pet.

Can I bring my car, motorcycle, moped, or motor scooter?

Seastreak ferries are designed to carry passengers and are not equipped to carry vehicles. Coast Guard regulations do not allow us to transport engine powered vehicles or gasoline.

Do you screen luggage?

Yes. All of our vessels and terminals have USCG approved security plans in effect. Per 33 CFR 104/105, we must ensure the implementation of security measures designed to protect the safety and security of our passengers, vessels and facilities. Per this regulation, Seastreak reserves the right to screen persons, baggage and personal effects for dangerous substances or devices. Further, entrance to Seastreak facilities and/or vessels is deemed valid consent to screening or inspection. Failure to consent or submit to screening or inspection will result in denial or revocation of authorization to enter our facilities or vessels.

Will I get sea sick onboard your vessel?

We have the lowest incidences of motion sickness among passenger ferry services in the North East for the following reasons: 1) our short 24 mile route to and from Martha’s Vineyard from New Bedford has us pass through two protected sounds, 2) catamarans offer the benefit of stability, and 3) our vessels are equipped with a computer aided ride control system that senses and counteracts the wave motion.

However, inclement weather can occur and those who are sensitive to motion sickness should take that into consideration when traveling on board any vessel.

Can we bring bicycles?

Yes! We do transport bicycles for a nominal fee. Charges are listed on our Routes & Schedules page. Please be sure to include that you’ll be bringing a bicycle when booking your reservation.

Do you have food and drinks for sale onboard?

Yes! All Seastreak ferries have a full cash bar serving spirits, beer, wine and soft drinks as well as bagged snacks. We allow passengers to bring food onboard, we just ask that you do not bring hard coolers onboard.

Is the boat enclosed?

The Seastreak catamarans have either two or three decks. The Lower Deck is entirely indoor, the Second Deck is half indoor and half outdoor, and the Third Deck is entirely outdoor.