What onboard amenities does Seastreak offer?

On board you will find amenities like plush seating, satellite t.v., a full cash-bar, and lots of leg room!

Can we bring bicycles or scooters?

Yes! We do transport bicycles and scooters for a nominal fee. Charges are listed on our Routes & Schedules page. Please be sure to include that you’ll be bringing a bicycle or scooter when booking your reservation. Bicycles and scooters must be stored outside on our vessels in designated areas. Passengers with any questions may reach out to Seastreak deckhands who will be happy to assist and identify these designated areas.

I am headed in to the city for a weekend stay. Is there a place to store my luggage during the trip?

We do not store luggage for most trips. Passengers are responsible for their own luggage. We ask that you do not block any aisles with luggage and please do not place luggage on a seat, especially when others are looking for seats.

Can I bring my pet aboard?

We love our pets and we’re glad you do too! We welcome dogs and cats onboard many of our trips, but they must be kept on the outdoor decks with a leash. Small dogs in a carrier can be brought inside the vessel. Service dogs are permitted onboard. Pets are not permitted on any Special Event trip, or our NJ/NYC service to Martha’s Vineyard/Nantucket.

Are the boats handicap accessible?

The first deck of our vessels are handicap accessible. For wheel chairs in order to fit through gangplanks when boarding at docks, they cannot be any wider than a standard wheelchair which is 30 inches. As we do not have elevators on board, unfortunately customers are limited to the first deck if they cannot get up stairs.

Can I bring food and drinks onboard?

Yes, you can bring food and non-alcoholic beverages onboard. As we have liquor licenses, outside alcohol is not allowed onboard. Hard coolers are not allowed on board as they pose a tripping hazard. Please use a soft cooler/lunch bag that can be stored easily.

Do you have food and drinks for sale onboard?

Yes! All Seastreak ferries have a full cash bar serving spirits, beer, wine and soft drinks as well as bagged snacks. We allow passengers to bring food onboard, we just ask that you do not bring hard coolers onboard.

Do you allow smoking on the boat?

Smoking is allowed outside on the second deck only.

What happens if the weather is bad?

Though we’re the most reliable way to get wherever you’re going, sometimes conditions require last-minute schedule changes. If a weather issue should take place during a departure you are booked on, or are planning to book, we make every effort to announce any delays or cancelations through our Service Alerts system. We also offer passengers the ability to sign up to receive immediate notifications whenever an urgent schedule change occurs through email and text.

Can I sit on the top deck?

Absolutely! In fact, sitting on the top deck on a warm summer day is most ideal for a relaxing journey. In the event of inclement weather, our vessels have enclosed sections on the entire Lower Deck and half on the Second Deck.

How many passengers do the boats carry?

We have seven vessels in our fleet that carry a varying amount of passengers. Our vessels can carry the following number of passengers:

  • 157 foot and 150 foot – 600 passengers
  • 140.7 foot – 505 passengers
  • 95 foot – 149 passengers
  • 65 foot – 149 passengers (84 internal seats and 65 outside seats)

Do you have a lost and found?

Yes. If you realize you’ve left something behind, please contact us and we’ll make every effort possible to reunite you with your lost item.

Are there reserved seats?

No, we do not reserve seats. Seating is first come first served as passengers board.

Is the boat enclosed?

The Seastreak catamarans have either two or three decks. The Lower Deck is entirely indoor, the Second Deck is half indoor and half outdoor, and the Third Deck is entirely outdoor.

Will I get sea sick while onboard your vessel?

We have the lowest incidences of motion sickness among passenger ferry services in the North East. We pass through protected sounds, our catamarans offer the benefit of stability, and our vessels are equipped with a computer aided ride control system that senses and counteracts the wave motion.

However, inclement weather can occur and those who are sensitive to motion sickness should take that into consideration when traveling on board any vessel. Motion sickness medications may help in these events.