Boston to Martha's Vineyard Connection Service


Where can I purchase tickets?


Dattco tickets are available for purchase at the Dattco ticket counter in So. Station. You may purchase a ticket from the Boston So. Station which will take you to the Seastreak Ferry Dock in New Bedford.

If you wish to continue on with Seastreak to Martha’s Vineyard, tickets available for purchase at the New Bedford ferry terminal once you arrive in New Bedford.


If you require a ticket to board the bus back to Boston, you may purchase the ticket from the driver at the New Bedford Ferry Dock.

Once I’ve purchased a ticket, where do I go to board the bus?

Once you’ve purchased a Dattco ticket, proceed to Gate #12. When boarding the bus inform the driver that you are going to the Seastreak Ferry Dock in New Bedford.

Are pets allowed on Boston busses?

Unfortunately, no pets are allowed on Boston busses.

Are taxes included in the fare price?

Express Ferry Service fares include all applicable fuel surcharges and Commonwealth of MA embarkation fees.

Do infants or children need a ticket to board the ferry?

Yes, for children age 12 and under. Please see the regular and holiday child fares on the Martha’s Vineyard page.

What is your refund policy for this trip?

ALL TICKETS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.  Should you fail to make your scheduled departure time, your ticket will no longer be valid, and therefore you will be required to make a new reservation.

Tickets may be exchanged prior to initial travel date and time.

Do you accept stand-by reservations?

If a departure is sold out, we will try to accommodate passengers that wish to stand-by for boarding. If you would like to stand-by for a sold-out departure, you must purchase a ticket for the next available boat in the ticket office. Stand-by passengers are boarded on a first-come, first-serve basis from the stand-by line located at the boarding gate. All stand-by passengers must be parked and present at the terminal in the stand-by line when unclaimed reservations are released. Unclaimed reservations will be released 3-5 minutes prior to departure after all ticketed passengers have been boarded.

Do you offer group discounts?

Yes, we love groups and will do everything possible to accommodate their needs! Please give us a call to speak with our group sales coordinator at 1-800-BOATRIDE (1-800-262-8743).