Aloha! The Hawaiian language is truly beautiful. Seastreak Trivia time: Hawaiian is a Polynesian language. That means, it’s in the same family of languages as Samoan, Tongan, and the legendary Maori. It includes sounds such as glottal stops, which sound strange, but you probably use one every day. Use the phrase “uh-oh”, and you’ve got yourself a glottal stop. (Remember, when you win big on a game show because of Seastreak Trivia, you’re morally obligated to take a victory ride on a Seastreak ferry.) Want to learn more about Hawaii? Grab a delicious Hawaiian meal at the newly opened Noreetuh! It’s at 128 1st Avenue.

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Beyond the Spam Filter

When many people hear about Hawaiian cooking, they think of Spam. For good reason: Spam is very popular in Hawaii. But there’s far more to Hawaiian cooking than just the ubiquitous canned meat, and there’s far more to Noreetuh than just Hawaiian sensibilities.

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The menu at Noreetuh draws its inspiration from as many sources as the culture of the islands does. Chef Chung Chow brings influences from Japan, Korea, and the Philippines to his kitchen. What comes out is delectable Hawaiian cuisine that’s always fresh and never boring at all.

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“Poke” Rhymes with “Okay”

When you see the “big-eye tuna poke” on the menu, it’s not talking about a particularly violent Three Stooges routine. It’s talking about gorgeous bits of raw tuna mixed with a bit of soy sauce, some seaweed, pickled jalapenos, and macadamia nuts. Or go for the garlic shrimp over rice, with romaine lettuce and pineapple. Finish off with a crispy mochi waffle, or a macadamia nut brownie for the perfect end-of-meal treat.

Seastreak can take you on an island vacation – a Long Island vacation! We’re headed to Port Jefferson this summer. Book your reservation and enjoy a bit of time away from the city.


Sea you soon!

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