Are you ever in the city and head into the nearest Starbucks as soon as half a yawn kicks in? Coffee is super yummy and provides a jolt of energy, but may not be the best solution to a fatigued body.

Luckily nap pods are all the rage and a well kept secret in the city for the overworked and overshopped visitors. Recharge with a nap on something comfier than a park bench.

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Yelo Spa has the ambiance, services and professionals to back up its buzz. An all encompassing spa, they offer naps in five minute increments for a dollar a minute in special sleep pods.

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When you arrive to the soothingly lit and well decorated spa, you fill out a mini questionnaire about your choice for desired light hues, sounds and scent to be used during your time there. Naps are a great complement to their other luxe services. Pair a nap with one of their massages customized to you and your problem areas; when it’s done, cozy up with a cashmere blanket and sleeping mask to help you doze off in peace.

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Yelo doesn’t believe in menus because everyone has their own preferences, issues and wellness concerns. They truly cater to your needs in a relaxing environment and utilize only organic and natural products, so your animal friends can sleep easy too.

Next time you find yourself with a packed schedule and drooping eyelids, take some time to rest and be pampered at Yelo Spa.

Seastreak will gladly take you to Manhattan, but save the nap for the pods so you don’t miss your stop.

5 East 57th Street, 12th floor

New York City, NY 10022

(212) 245 8235

Sea you soon,

The Seastreak Family

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