If you’ve strolled through the Borough of Atlantic Highlands you have probably seen the procession of yellow flags lining the street. While it can definitely serve as a cheerful entry to new guests and a beautiful way to spruce up the street for summer, what was the initial reason for putting up these flags?

The installation of “Waves of Color” consists of 102 bright yellow flags attached to beautiful Victorian lamp posts, and spans the length of First Avenue. The color yellow was used to signify some of the qualities that make the Atlantic Highlands so special; its energy, vibrancy, and fun.

Besides beautifying the street, the flags serve another more practical purpose. They are used by organizations to announce events within the borough. Now denizens of the Atlantic Highlands know to expect something special when they see the yellow flags waving proudly.

Any organization can take advantage of this opportunity to gain coverage, and guests for their event. The borough does require at least ten days notice as they need time to set up. Once the event is over, the borough removes the flags until the next special event calls for them.

If you want to know more about the Waves of Color, are interested in having flags placed, or would like to donate to the cost of flags, visit the Borough of Atlantic Highlands website at: http://www.atlantichighlands.org/

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