“Eat your vegetables” is a phrase children come to dread. Veggies are the unloved outcasts on many dinner plates across the country. Broccoli spears flop like sad trees after a deforestation. Canned peas inspire a sorrow few wish to endure. A little pile of salad sits like the devil’s own compost heap in Dante’s Inferno. Why does it have to be that way? Vegetables can be the most delicious part of a meal. More importantly, they can be the meal themselves! Celebrate the almighty vegetable at New York City Vegetarian Food Festival! It’s at the Metropolitan Pavilion (125 West 18th Street) on March 14 and March 15!

NYC Vegetarian Food Festival 1

Vegging Out

The New York City Vegetarian Food Festival is all about showing off how delicious and diverse a fully vegan lifestyle can be! Plenty of people can’t imagine their meals without some form of meat. At this celebration of all things meatless, you can explore how to change up the food you serve to not only remove the meat from it, but how to make everything on the plate more exciting to eat.

NYC Vegetarian Food Festival 2

Even those who don’t care to go meatless will find great inspirations here. This celebration of vegetarian foods can give you terrific ideas for new side dishes, creative main dishes, and different food preparation techniques. You may find vegetarian meal creation offers you more than you realized.

Edibles and Education

A tremendous variety of vendors will be handing out samples at the festival, including businesses like Green Mustache, Vitaminsea Seaweed, and Love Beets. You can also attend one of the many presentations and talks scheduled for the weekend. Learn more about how food affects your body, or hear ideas on how to raise healthy and happy vegan kids.

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