There’s no evidence to corroborate the phrase “money makes the world go ‘round,” but we all know the saying is pretty apt. (Scientists say the Earth’s rotation started out with the conservation of angular momentum, then inertia allowed it to continue, but what do they know?) Money greases wheels and convinces people to do things they wouldn’t ordinarily, even when it’s against their morals. Could it convince the people of a failing town to kill at the whim of an eccentric billionaress? Find out when you go see the black comedy “The Visit” on Broadway! It’s playing at the Lyceum Theater (149 West 45th Street).

The Visit 1

Money, So They Say

Wealthy widow Claire Zachanassian has returned home to the place of her birth for her first visit in a long time. Brachen, Switzerland isn’t doing as well as she is. Businesses fail every day, and the people have grown desperate to turn their fortunes around. Claire’s arrival will change all that, or so they hope.

Claire has plans of her own. This visit is about a particular variety of reminiscence: revenge. Many years ago, in the heyday of her youth, a boy named Anton broke her heart. Claire is prepared to save the town, and everyone in it, if they’ll execute Anton, who is now a married shopkeeper. Will the town sacrifice one of their own to meet Claire’s price for saving their home? Or will they resist the allure of money in favor of doing what’s right?

The Visit 2

Is the Root of All Evil Today

“The Visit” is a devious, compelling dark comedy. Its music and lyrics come to you from the people behind “Chicago” and “Cabaret”. In the starring role is Tony winner Chita Rivera.

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