Throughout the world, you’ll find traditions by which you can prove your strength and fortitude. Caber tossing, for example. You have to possess power and coordination to fling long, heavy poles without damaging yourself (or someone else). Everyone knows, however, that true strength is shown through intestinal fortitude. Anyone can pick up a big stick, but only the truly strong can subject their digestive systems to the rigors of a challenging meal. Test your own intestinal fortitude, and support a great cause at the 2015 Texas Chili Cook-off! It’s taking place on Saturday, May 16 from 12-5 PM at Hudson River Park’s Pier 84! (353 West Street)

2015 Texas Chili Cook-off 1

Chili Down

This gastrointestinal gauntlet is brought to you by the Texas Exes, New York Chapter. They’re an organization that focuses on providing scholarships to students headed for the University of Texas at Austin. Education’s an important investment in the next generation, and the Texas Exes raise money in a way where everyone wins. Students go to college, and you get a belly full of the tastiest chili in the city.

And when we say full, we mean it. This event is all-you-can-consume. Eat chili until the cook pots are empty, or your stomach puts up its “No Vacancy” sign. You’ll want something to wash all that down with, so enjoy the all-you-can-drink Shiner Beer along with your food. There’s also all-you-can-drink Riunite Lambrusco wine. You can’t beat that!

2015 Texas Chili Cook-off 2

What’s Cooking

Chili’s on the menu all day, made by both amateur and professional teams. Special recipes passed down over generations compete alongside dishes made by local restaurants. Taste offerings by Javelina Tex Mex, Mable’s Smokehouse, and more!

2015 Texas Chili Cook-off 3

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