Theatergoers, did you get to see “Fun Home” before this year’s Tony Awards named it Best Musical? If not, it’s booking until October! However, we know there’s some stage fans who don’t agree with the choice of winner there. Another show has a pretty dedicated following, and with good reason. One of its actors brought home the well-deserved Tony for Best Featured Actor in a Musical, after all. We’re talking about “Something Rotten!” and you won’t want to let this hysterical show pass you by. It’s playing at the St. James Theater (246 West 44th Street).

Something Rotten 1

Getting to the Bottom of Broadway

The year is 1590, and the Brothers Bottom have a problem. They’re trying to write a new, hit play, but there’s a certain other playwright in their way: William Shakespeare. The Bard of Avon is dominating the stage and he isn’t leaving much room for other artists. Nick and Nigel Bottom have to try to find the Next Big Thing while operating in the shadow of the Bard.

A soothsayer gives them a glimpse into the future of their art. That glimpse includes singing, acting, and…dancing? On stage? Who could believe such a thing would ever be popular? Still, they set out to create an entirely new play. One that will change the face of theater forever.

Something Rotten 2

The Laughs are the Thing

“Something Rotten!” is a big, bright production filled with hilarious gags, show-stopping musical numbers, and it’s suffused with a joyful adoration of musical theater. It’s rather meta, in its way, poking fun at the musicals it so obviously loves. You’ll laugh! You’ll laugh some more! Then you’ll go home chuckling to yourself while you hum the show’s catchy tunes.

Something Rotten 3

But soft! What light through yonder East River breaks? It is a Seastreak ferry! Headed to Manhattan, Atlantic Highlands, Long Island, and more.

Sea you soon!

The Seastreak Family



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