On the whole, restaurants are pretty much a dime a dozen. Take three steps in any direction, you’ll find a place where you can feed your face. (Or you’ll find an open pothole, like in an old cartoon. Try to avoid those.) Good restaurants, though, those are harder to come by. You want a comfortable spot with tasty food, a convenient location, and a little pizzazz. We’ve got one of those for you. Head up to 49 Canal Street and check out the new location of New York City favorite Dimes! They’re serving up breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day.

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Great Food on Your Dime

The menu at Dimes has a lot of old favorites on it, but it’s like seeing an old friend in a brand new style of clothes. You might never have looked at them that way before. The change is a little exciting. This fresh take on the familiar makes the eating experience at Dimes a culinary exploration!

Take the breakfast menu, for example. Most folks are acquainted with the ubiquitous breakfast sandwich, but this one’s got a unique kick. Scrambled eggs, sure, avocado and cheddar, why not, and pickled jalapenos? With the house-made hot sauce? That’s the best way to wake up.

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Drink It Down

As delicious as the day starters are, it’s not all about the breakfast. Lunch has enormous salads, as well as some delectable dishes like the seared tuna nori wrap. Dinner has a truly gorgeous selection of meals, including whole grilled fava beans. Dimes has a better follow-up than Chianti, though. Try one of their innovative cocktails, like the wheatgrass margarita. Or check out their special take on the martini!

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