From August 15 through 18 enjoy the stylings of up-and-coming Latino writers in the lively town of Red Bank. The Crossing Borders Festival, hosted by Two River Theater Company, is now in its third year, and continues to bring great new talent to the forefront.

Each play is written and created with the essence of the writer’s authentic experience as a Latino living in America, and keeps one foot in both cultures while teetering on the boundaries of their past and present. The plays are performed bare by a group of talented actors, and will feature no sets or costumes, just their script and spirit in hand.

Crossing Borders also hosts a neighborhood block party with lively music, delicious food and a sense of camaraderie that could only be found in a town like Red Bank.

For more information about the Crossing Borders Festival, or any of Two River Theater Company’s other productions visit their website at The theater is a local venue for Monmouth County residents, and a short distance from our Atlantic Highlands location.

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