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July 1 – 12, 2015
Winston Churchill, one of the leaders of the Allies during the second World War, has left an undeniably important but also quite thorny legacy. This one-man play can be an excellent way for adults and older children to learn more about the man and the many things for which he is remembered.

The play is set in March of 1946 — an eventful year for Churchill. Not only has he led Britain and the Allies to victory over Nazi Germany, but he has also been (quite surprisingly) defeated for re-election as Prime Minister. The location is Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri, where he is to deliver his legendary “iron curtain” speech, and where he finds a gathering of friends and supporters with whom he shares his life through storytelling and through flashback.

Winston Churchill 2

And, as the Wall Street Journal so eloquently puts it, “fifty years after his death, Churchill has emerged a star!”

The play stars Ronald Keaton, a veteran of the Chicago stage, has worked constantly and with the utmost competency over the past several decades, becoming what is known as a journeyman Equity actor. More often cast in a comedic role, this show marks Keaton’s first serious foray into a more “serious” portrayal.

And he does phenomenally well — not only is the play powerful and spellbinding, but illuminating and educational. Young adults can not only enjoy the story, but also learn about one of recent history’s most influential figures (not to mention, of course, getting to see the art of the one man show in action).

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But like any political career, this play only runs for a limited time. Make sure to hop on the ferry and get yourself into the audience of this powerful show before it moves on on the 12th.


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