Going to the circus conjures up memories for a lot of us. Elephants wearing feathered headdresses, or some person with a death wish stepping into a cage full of angry big cats. (Or the years of therapy bills brought on by the clowns. Let’s just not talk about those.) While plenty of those circuses are still around, we’re glad the word has evolved to encompass other sorts of acts. Interested to learn more? Then you’ll want to check out “Circus Now: International Contemporary Circus Exposure 2015” at the NYU Skirball Center for the Performing Arts (566 LaGuardian Place). From January 8 to January 10, you can see some of the most talented modern circus acts from around the world!

Circus Now 1

Daring and Flexibility

Circus Now features nine different performing companies from six countries, and all undertaking acts that will redefine what the circus can be. If you’re familiar with the Cirque du Soleil, you have an idea of what a few of these performers will do. Some, however, push the boundaries further, to delight and amaze the audience with their skill.

Circus Now 2

See Ockham’s Razor, a starring troupe of aerialists from Europe. This year’s Circus Now marks their debut in the United States! Or see the exciting juggling techniques of Compagnie Nuaa, who have traveled all the way from Finland to perform. The Ricochet Project comes from the USA, and has acrobatics bound to make people wonder who broke gravity.

Circus Now 3

Make Mine a Mime

Circus Now has no ringleader. Instead, they have engaged a far more communicative announcer. Honeybuns, billed as the world’s greatest mime, will MC all three days of the event. Attendees who don’t want to miss a single performance may want to grab festival passes, good for all three days!

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