Manhattan has a host of gorgeous outdoor spaces where you can spend a pleasant afternoon, but none are quite like Washington Square Park! This nearly 10-acre park offers a true slice of New York’s vibrant culture, as well as history, and no two days in Washington Square Park are alike. You can find it at 5th Avenue and Waverly Place!

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Washington Square Park has long attracted New York’s most creative and diverse entertainment element. Street performers often fill the park on days with tolerable weather, performing everything from folk music to exciting acts on unicycles. Nowhere else will you find such a melting pot of musical styles, performing flair, and creativity than you will on the lawns of Washington Square. The summer weather brings the best of the buskers to set out their hats and put on a show!

As you wander between the acts on display, you can catch a game of chess at one of the chess boards available. Or pass some time near the fountain, and linger in the shadow of the Washington Arch. This amazing triumphal arch was built in 1892 to commemorate the centennial of George Washington’s inauguration as President of the United States. Washington Square Park even has a cemetery on its grounds. While it was closed in 1825, more than 20,000 bodies remain buried beneath the park.

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Because of its extensive paved places, Washington Square Park has fewer plantings than many other Manhattan parks. What it lacks in flowerbeds, it makes up for in the bloom of New York’s individual culture which can only grow in the Big Apple.

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