Sushi is nearly ubiquitous in the city, from traditionally prepared rolls and sashimi platters to truly different creations which could only come to life in New York. In this sea of sushi restaurants, a few notable establishments stand out as excellent examples. Ushiwakamaru, at 136 W. Houston Street, offers delicious and fresh Japanese food, with both old favorites and uncommon treats on the menu.

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A Cut Above

Ushiwakamaru has a menu packed with traditional sushi delicacies, as well as soups, salads, and entrees which resonate with the cuisine’s Japanese roots. All the food from this restaurant’s kitchens has unbeatable taste, like the light and flavorful tempura, but the sushi is where the establishment shines.

Diners with groups, or who prefer a bit of solitude while they eat, can order their meal from one of the restaurant’s tables. The best seats in the house, though, are at the sushi bar, where you can engage with the chefs while watching them prepare your meal. When you ask for Ushiwakamaru’s omakase, however, you won’t want to sit anywhere else.

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Chef’s Choice

For those who aren’t connoisseurs of the sushi scene, the term “omakase” comes from the Japanese word for “to trust”. It means, in general, “I’ll leave it to you,” and it’s one of the best ways to enjoy sushi. The chef will choose his favorite dishes for the day and prepare them especially for you.

Many sushi patrons consider this a form of art. It’s a phenomenal way to try new selections you might never have thought to order, and to get the best of the day’s ingredients served in the most delicious way.

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