What was one of your favorite toys growing up that is more popular today than ever before? We’ll give you a hint: they’re small, colorful, and buildable.  If you guessed Lego’s, you’re right! The building blocks that have spawned video games, hundreds of collectibles, a theme park, and an upcoming movie are not only toys for the tots.  For Nathan Sawaya, they are an artistic medium.  Check out his exhibit The Art of the Brick.

Nathan Sawaya is a contemporary artist who uses Lego’s to sculpt his creations.  After touring around the world with his work, Sawaya is going to be back in his hometown of New York City. His show, The Art of the Brick will be open at Discovery Times Square from now until January 5th, 2014.  This will be the largest display of Lego art assembled in one place, and will feature never-before-seen pieces by Sawaya in honor of his homecoming.

Although his pieces are made out of a popular children’s toy, this isn’t Legoland.  We would suggest leaving the little ones at home, and maybe bringing the older kids.  There are reproductions of famous paintings and sculptures, as well as original works like the popular “Yellow”.

Tickets are $19.50 for adults and $14.50 for children ages 4-12.  For more information about the exhibition click here, and to learn more about Nathan Sawaya visit his website at brickartist.com.

Are you familiar with Nathan Sawaya’s work, and planning on going to “The Art of the Brick” exhibit?   What piece are you most looking forward to seeing in person?  Let us know on Facebook, send us a pic @SeastreakFerry, or leave a comment below!

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