India is a country of truly dazzling color. It has saris in a spectrum of bright shades, gorgeous blue waters on a sandy shore, markets filled with colorful fruits, festivals of colorful statues and flowers, buildings with distinctive red domes, and lush green palm trees. It’s no surprise that India’s cultural cuisine has just as much color as the country from which it hails. Imagining rich golden curry, or vegetables jumbled together in a pretty medley, can make your mouth water. Put a little color into your day by eating a meal at Tamarind Tribeca! They’re serving delicious Indian foods at 99 Hudson Street.

Tamarind Tribeca 1

Tasteful Color

Tamarind Tribeca was once simply “Tamarind”, and you would have found it over in the Flatiron District. The whole operation moved to a lovely new building over in Tribeca, with plenty of space and style. This new eatery exudes warmth and panache, but it’s more than just a pretty façade. The food here represents a delectable selection of dishes from across India, all filled with the bold and distinctive flavors of the region.

This classy yet unpretentious restaurant serves both lunch and supper for your dining pleasure. Afternoon guests will find the lunch prix fixe menu to be a great deal. The selection of foods is sure to satisfy any appetite while still keeping your wallet happy.

Tamarind Tribeca 2

You Won’t Be Sari

For supper, start your meal with favorites such as the vegetable samosas, or a plate of Tamarind scallops. Proceed to a generous serving of murgh angarey, or some savory lobster masala. Vegetarian diners won’t be disappointed by the selection of vegetarian dishes on offer! Finish your meal with a bit of sweet kulfi as a treat.

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