New York’s variety of pubs is one of the many things to love about the city. In the Financial District alone, you can find a host of Irish pubs, not to mention a German bierhaus with bars made in Germany and a New Zealand eatery with Maori-style decor. England is another represented at Pound & Pence, at 55 Liberty Street. This authentic British pub sits just half a mile from Seastreak’s docks at Pier 11.

Pound and pence


Pound & Pence blends old times and new with vintage English memorabilia and dark-stained wood accents right alongside the television sets and 10-foot projector screen. You’ll find a tavern-style dining room, a bar right out of Jolly Old England, and snug little booths all but made for a private, cozy meal. Set your sights a little higher and hit the mezzanine to bask near the fireplace in a leather wing-back chair, or to shoot a game of pool with your friends.

Pound & pence

The Nosh

All those decorations don’t mean much without food worth hanging about for. How does a pot pie sound, or some Indian chicken curry? There’s Angus steak burgers and fish & chips as well if you fancy more local dishes.

Pound & Pence 3

The scotch menu is worth trying all by itself! Pound & Pence has a world-class selection which won’t disappoint even the most discerning scotch drinkers.

Want to pay a few less pounds and pence to have delicious pub grub? Sign up with Lower Manhattan Tuesdays, and you can get 25% off your whole bill at Pound & Pence!

At Seastreak, we’re all about giving you a blend of new and old: new catamarans with modern amenities, and old-fashioned customer service. Need to get to and from Manhattan? Keep calm and Seastreak on!

Sea you soon!

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