Vegetarians, we’ve got one for you this time. The meat-eating crowd has gotten some love here lately, and we don’t want our plant-eating pals to think we’ve forgotten them. New York’s got restaurants with fabulous food for everyone, and you never need to feel like you’re missing out on delicious meals by choosing to do without meat. Proof’s in the pudding at Angelica Kitchen, at 300 East 12th Street. This place is good enough to make Mike D. of the Beastie Boys a regular!

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Where You’ll Want to Eat Your Greens

Angelica Kitchen serves creative, flavorful dishes made from fresh, organic ingredients. (And by “fresh”, we mean, “frequently within 48 hours of being harvested”. They practically grow the seeds at your table and pick them right there.) You also won’t find refined sugars, dairy, eggs, or preservatives. Plants are the stars of the show, and once you taste the food, you won’t miss what isn’t there.

The menu has a truly diverse selection of dishes which will satisfy everyone. From hearty, spicy chili served with tofu sour cream, to lighter meals like daishi and noodles, you won’t be disappointed by your choices. Want a little something different? Try the dragon bowls, which are a full of rice, beans, and vegetables.

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Leaf the Menu Alone

What many people consider the best thing to eat isn’t on the menu at all. It’s the daily special, made with the best of the day’s produce and a healthy dollop of creativity. These dishes change daily, and you’ll find both entrees and desserts on offer. You might find an herbed tofu-vegetable tart, or a signature salad, and for dessert, you might find muffins or gluten-free sundaes.

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