Pickles have enjoyed a long history in New York, having been introduced to the region by Dutch farmers and merchants during the 17th century.  While we doubt you’ll find any barrels of the tasty, snappy cukes still around from that era, some say spending a little time in a bath of salty and garlicky brine brings out the best in any vegetable, and nobody does it better than the crew at The Pickle Guys.

The Pickle Guys

Don’t believe us?  Check out what Zagat’s has to say:

“Pucker up” for “the real thing” at this LES “favorite” (and its Midwood outpost) producing “the freshest”, most “mouthwatering” “traditional Jewish pickles” cured “the way God intended” and dispensed “direct from the barrel” with a “good-size helping of New York attitude” from a staff of “jocular” “characters”; it “packs a pungent punch” with varieties like full – and half-sour, sweet gherkin and horseradish, “along with other pickled items”.  Connoisseurs of fine brines “wouldn’t buy them anywhere else.”

49 Essex St

(between Grand St & Hester St)

New York, NY 10002

(212) 656-9739

Ask away about their cukes, tomatoes, string beans, carrots, okra, garlic, marinated mushrooms, various olives, giardiniera, hot peppers, and more.  Pickled herring and lox, sweet and sauerkraut, and freshly peeled and ground horseradish are also available.

The Pickle Guys use nothing but water, salt, pickling spices, garlic, (and time) to create their magic.  New pickles (one to ten days) taste the most cucumber-y and offer the most snap, then there’s the tangy half-sour (one to two weeks), ¾-sour (one month) and the full-sour (three-plus months) which are intensely flavorful, spicy, briny, and by far the most pickle-like. We recommend picking-up a quart ($6.25), which will yield you about a dozen pickles, and you can mix-and-match if you wish.

Planning to pick a peck of pickled peppers?  Let Seastreak take you into the city in style with great views and comfy seats for a day to remember. Hop-off at Pier 11  and grab a cab to The Pickle Guys.  And while you’re at it, walk around the corner to Donught Plant and bring a dozen home to that special someone!

Sea you soon,

The Seastreak Family

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