New York’s famous for the hustle and bustle of its nonstop lifestyle. It’s the City That Never Sleeps, not even to grab a catnap or doze off in embarrassing positions on the subway. With all that cultural insomnia, quiet times and peaceful reflection become more important than ever. Next time the fast pace the city sets has worn you down, take a break at Poets House. It’s at 10 River Terrace, about a mile and a half away from Pier 11.

Poets House 1

An Oasis of Words

Poetry is a literary form that doesn’t get enough attention. You hear more about the latest bestselling novels, or celebrity authors churning out tell-all books, than you hear about great poets. Poets House aims to change this by providing a place where everyone can find the works of world-renowned poets.

Wander through the 60,000-volume poetry library and read the works of greats in the field. Poets House has one of the largest, most comprehensive open-stacks collections in the country. It also hosts fascinating events, such as publication showcases, workshops, and talks by poets. If you have little ones, there’s a children’s reading room to captivate young imaginations.

Poets House 2

Poetry in Motion

Poets House hosts a yearly Poetry Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge to raise funds for their programs and services. These poetry walks have attracted some big stars not just from the poetry world, but from stage and screen, too.

During the Lower Manhattan Tuesdays promotion, you can get a free volume of contemporary poetry from the Best American Poetry Series if you attend any Tuesday event at Poets House. Sign up and take advantage of the terrific savings this promotion offers!

In honor of Poets House, and poetry in general, we’ve written you a haiku.

Manhattan’s bright lights

Seastreak ferries take you there

In comfort and style


Sea you soon!

The Seastreak Family



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