We’re back to give you some more ideas for where to get your groove on in our third installment of great New Years Eve Parties!

Gansevoort Park Avenue

Gansevoort Park Avenue

A party spot in it’s own right, the Gansevoort will be magical on December 31st. With six lounges decadent in their decor and rooftop views enhanced by floor to ceiling windows,  a breathtaking experience is only a ticket away. What makes this even better? At Park Ave. and 33rd St., it’s only a few blocks down from Seastreak’s dock at East 35th St. Talk about convenient!

Gansevoort Park Avenue

420 Park Avenue South

New York NY 10016

Fashion Forty Lounge

Fashion 40

As the name connotes, all the fashion folk hang here. No promises that you’ll run into Anna Wintour, but there’s no night like New Year’s to try something new! Perfect for the non club folk, this lounge reeks cool and sophisticated. They have a five-hour open bar beginning at 8:00 pm so sip, be cool, and soak up an aura de mystery.
Fashion 40 Lounge

Fashion Forty Lounge

202 W. 40th Street

New York NY 10018

Seastreak is the perfect way to get into the city sans traffic and stress, and focus on enjoying your night out. You can be fashionably late to your party if you want to, but it won’t be because of us!

Sea you soon,

The Seastreak Family

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